The law office of Amy L. Senn, PA can assist you with all of your family needs.

· Dissolution/Legal Separation Representation throughout all negotiations including mediation, settlement conferences or Early Neutral Evaluations. Document preparation and effective legal representation at all Court proceedings such as Initial Case Management Conferences, Temporary Hearings, Motion Hearings, Pretrial Conferences and Trial.

· Child Custody/Parenting Time Application of the "Best Interests Test" for initial case determinations, or the more difficult "Endangerment
Standard" for cases in which a modification of a previous court order is necessary. Assistance is also provided
to help you through the Custody/Parenting Time Evaluation process. Child Support Calculation of child support obligations in accordance with Minnesota Statutory Guidelines. Court appearances before either a Child Support Magistrate or District Court Judge.

· Spousal Maintenance: Evaluation of spousal maintenance claims. Advice regarding permanent waivers of spousal maintenance and
Court divestiture of jurisdiction as well as Post Decree modifications. Referrals for vocational evaluations.

· Property Division: The division of all assets including, but not limited to, the homestead and other real estate, retirement plans,
business interests, vehicles and other personal property.

· Debt Division: The division of all liabilities including but not limited to credit card debts, mortgages, lines of credit, vehicle
loans, personal loans and Federal/State Income taxes.